Сергей Казанов (sayonaki_tatsu) wrote,
Сергей Казанов

Project "Ukraine" - documentary by Andrey Medvedev (English caps)

Here's a documentary about how the word "ukraina" became the name of the country. And of many other things that'll make modern situation a bit more clear for people who doesn't really know Russian history.
I translated it into English for the sake of those in the West who are at least inclined to hear the both sides of the story.
While my English is far from being perfect, it's understandable enough from what I gathered from responses I received so far. If there would be a native English speaker willing to help with my translation, I'll be very grateful for help.

Author: Andrey Medvedev, Tatyana Salomadina
Director: Vitaliy Maksimov
Production: Russia, VGTRK
Genre: Documentary
Tags: ukraine

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